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Ride the Bus is only available on Base.


The project was initially audited by bytes32.

There have been some minor changes to the VRF logic as Chainlink VRF does not support Base, so we switched to Supra VRF. We thoroughly tested this change manually and with test coverage.


The project was initially slated to launch on Polygon. We didn't generate as much hype as we hoped for on social media, so we pivoted and decided to move to Base in order to take advantage of the flourishing and fast growing userbase on Base!

At some point, we may go cross chain, but for now we are solely focused on Base.


The contracts are immutable aka non-upgradeable aka un-changeable. If bugs are found, they are there for all eternity.


Ride the bus was created by 0xRider with help from various internet frens.


Find us on X or Discord or Telegram or Farcaster.

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