🎫Bus Ticket


Level 1 Tickets

  • The only way to buy a bus ticket (aside from secondary markets like OpenSea), is the Station™️

    • The only tickets for sale by the Station are Level One tickets

  • Bus Tickets cost $5 WMATIC each

    • A five pack is discounted 5%

  • A Bus Ticket gives you the option to board a bus. Once you board the bus, your Bus Ticket is burned in exchange for a Ticket Stub

    • Thus, the supply of Bus Tickets, per level is always fluctuating

Level 2 Tickets and beyond

At the moment, the only way to earn a Bus Ticket higher than Level 1 is to play the game, or visit secondary marketplaces.

We are exploring the idea of building our own marketplace, but at the moment, OpenSea and others are sufficient until our community grows large enough.

Purchase price distribution

98% of the purchase price of a Bus Ticket is distributed into levels in the game via the protocol.

2% of the price goes towards the daily Last Chance Raffle

  • If the 2% daily grows to a considerable size it could be broken out into smaller raffles or incentives

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