Tokenized Transit Union

Owning a Bus gives you exclusive membership into the Tokenized Transit Union, an alliance of bus owners who must ardue the treacherous conditions, put their drivers and heavy duty machinery in harms way, to transport our degen passengers.

Protocol generated rewards go towards enhancing this alliance, in multiple forms.

  • The first of which, and most common, is the Bus Staking Pool, only available to Bus owners.

    • A Bus owner can own and stake multiple buses

The Bus NFT derives its value from the health of the protocol. Directly correlated to the popularity of riding the bus, it has real utility that can be viewed and tracked on chain.

Initial Mint

There are, and will only ever be: 4,545 Buses

They are planned for mint in March 2024. (TBD)

There is no maximum, no whitelist, no team allocation, no dutch auction.

Presale: 45 MATIC each.

Mint stays open until the collection is sold out.

Price increases to 55 MATIC after the game starts. (1-2 weeks after presale)

All proceeds from Bus sales go directly back into the protocol as incentives to seed higher levels in the game.

Rewards generated from these levels are distributed to Bus owners via the Bus Staking Pool.


Read more about what went into making the collection here or in our blog. (🔜)

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