🎟️Ticket Stub



  • When you board a bus, you go through the process of:

    • Choosing a route

    • Burning a Bus Ticket

    • Receiving a Ticket Stub with verification of your seat on the bus

Do not lose your Stub! It is proof that you were a passenger on a winning route.

Choosing a route

  • Each level has level + 1 routes

  • For example:

    • Level 1 has 2 routes

    • Level 2 has 3 routes

    • ..

    • Level 4 has 5 routes...

Only one route can survive each round!

---After the Round---

Claiming a stub

You survived your journey! Congrats.

You now have two options:

  1. Pick a route on the next level and keep riding.

  2. Bail and snag some cash on your way off the bus.

Last Chance Raffle

Your bus did not make it 😭

  • You have one last hope: Try your luck in the Last Chance Raffle

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