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Guide on how to Ride the Bus

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The contracts are the source of truth.


Step into a futuristic world where the road ahead is paved with ever-increasing difficulty. Brace yourself as you navigate through a series of mind-bending obstacles and treacherous terrains!

Each level presents a unique set of arduous challenges meticulously designed to test your patience and luck.

Strap your seatbelts and let the power of Supra VRF (Verifiable Random Function) fuel an unparalleled gaming experience!

The Goal: See how far you can ride the bus


1 Bus Ticket grants you passage on the route of your choice.

When buses depart, only one route will make it to the final destination, the rest will crash!

If you survive, you can keep riding. If you don't make the journey, you have to start over.

Every level is 1 route harder than the last

For each level you survive your journey, the path only gets more treacherous and harder to pick the surviving route.

To illustrate,

Level 1 -- 2 paths

Level 2 -- 3 paths

Level 3 -- 4 paths



Level 10 -- 11 paths


Level 20 -- 21 paths!

So while for level one, you have a 50% chance at survival, the odds of surviving level 20 are just under 5%!

Calling the Round

After 6 hours, the round can be called by anyone.

If no one calls the round, a Chainlink Automated function will eventually end the round.


Once the round is ended, Supra VRF calls the protocol to determine the winning paths.

In order to avoid potential Base block reorgs, the protocol waits for the buses to drive for 20 blocks before determining the winning route.

A different winning route is determined per each level.

If your ticket stub verifies you had a seat on the winning route, you have 2 options:

  • Level up - let it ride! Receive a Bus Ticket good for a seat on the next level

  • Cash out - hop off the bus! Bail and take some cash

    • Split a 50% share of that level's WMATIC stored

      • There can be 1 or more users choosing to cash out in the 6 hour round

      • If no one cashes out the pool for the round keeps growing

    • 35% remains in the level for the next round to continue the gameplay

    • 10% goes to protocol treasury

    • 5% goes to protocol dev

The treasury and dev ONLY take a share of protocol rewards when people WIN the game!

Unlocking more levels

There is always a 2 level buffer

Every round is composed of levels.

There is a maximum amount of levels, based on how far the furthest user has reached.

When someone reaches a new highest level, the maximum amount of levels increases by one.

There is a 2 level buffer between unlocked - there will always be 2 levels seeded.

When does it end?

The buses never stop driving their routes as long as the blockchain is online!

Once the game starts, it never stops.

  • The WMATIC is locked in the contract until passengers can ride the bus to that level

  • The owner of the contracts is unable to remove these funds

Functions in the game are public and callable by anyone to ensure the protocol runs continuously.

Anyone can top up the Supra VRF Subscription

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